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         I was born and raised in the United States by Colombian and Lebanese parents. I have lived in Luxembourg since 2000, and spent the first years entirely dedicated to raising my children. After a break from the professional world, I completed my studies in psychology in the UK. I have trained at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy and received certification in CBT from the Cleveland Center for Cognitive Therapy, both in the U.S. In my private practice, I work with other therapists and medical doctors to ensure that I am providing the best possible treatment for my clients, and am careful to identify when another professional may be better suited for a client's particular needs.  
        Raised in a multi-cultural family and international school environment, I have always been attuned to the influence of culture on one's expectations and interpretations of the world around us. This is a strength I bring to working with the expat community in Luxembourg, where so many nationalities, cultures, and languages intersect on a daily basis.
        In addition to English, I speak native Spanish, fluent French, and Greek. Working languages: English and Spanish.
Fully registered member of the Société Luxembourgeoise de Psychologie (SLP or PSYLUX)
Bachelor of science and Master of science in psychology - both recognized by the Luxembourg government (Ministère de l'Enseignment Supérieure et de la Recherche)
Professional colleague of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy (USA)
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