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        My aim is to provide a confidential, safe space in which to help people learn to better handle life's challenges, which can seem overwhelming at times. My approach is largely influenced by cognitive behavior therapy, which is founded on the idea that specific situations are not the root cause of our anxieties, fears, sadness, or the difficulties in our relationships. Rather, our interpretations of these situations and the things we tell ourselves have a profound effect on how we feel about them and on how we behave as a result, often reinforcing dysfunctional patterns.
        The good news is that if you feel ready to do some work, with the help of a therapist you can learn new, more adaptive ways to approach these challenges. This approach can bring about real, lasting change. Just like any other skills you learn for the first time, it requires practice, dedication, and the help of a good teacher. This is difficult to accomplish alone.
        Unfortunately there is still a stigma around the idea of seeking professional psychological help. It is sometimes seen as a sign of weakness or a source of embarrassment. This is a shame. It takes courage and strength to make the first move to become an active player in getting the most out of life by breaking dysfunctional patterns once and for all. Anyone who takes this step should feel empowered and proud.
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